Capacity building is an ongoing process, which requires the unleashing of a continuous supply of relevant and appropriate legal, institutional and legal resources.

In working with policy makers, legislatures, government departments and political parties in Africa, we at Ingabadi Group have discovered a huge capacity deficit in our private and public sectors which includes a lack of education, knowledge and information to perform mandated functions efficiently and effectively.

In response to these challenges, we regularly organise and host conferences, colloquiums and workshops on key public policy, global politics and economy, and international relations issues, and also contribute to political economy debates in numerous other ways.

We regularly host colloquiums at which speakers are invited to address selected audiences on current topics, followed by a roundtable discussion.

Ingabadi Group regularly organises workshops at which more specific policy issues are analysed with the aim of developing better understanding based on facts and critical analysis. Held over a day or two, these events are typically attended by 30-40 participants.

Annual Conference
We host at least one major conference a year on important issues relevant to one of our core areas of focus. Held over two or three days, these conferences are continental in scope and nature and are typically attended by 200 policymakers, academics, and other analysts from around Africa, as well as other parts of the world.

Leadership Support Programme
Our Leadership support programme (LSP) is an intensive and integrated work programme designed to develop and train legislatures, local government structures, civil society organisations and corporate executives on governance, legislative processes, and public policy management. The programme is designed to be both practical and analytical and provides insights on African politics and political economy, international relations as well as regional and continental agendas. Interspersed throughout the duration of the programme are educational and training modules, designed by Ingabadi Group in collaboration with selected individuals from top universities in South Africa and the continent.

In addition, the programme also provides seminar and short research projects programmes after which participants receive certificates of attendance and research project accomplishment.