Research and Strategic Planning

We live in rapidly and ever-changing times and the public and private sectors have to always respond to these changes, needs and aspirations of the people they serve, adapting to, and adopting scientific and technological evolution.

To this end, policy in both the public and private domains can better be constructed through research-based evidence, whether quantitative or qualitative.

Since 2004, using qualitative and quantitative methods, coupled with our experience in African politics and governance we have assisted clients in making informed political, policy, scenario planning and business decisions.

Our research team regularly produces socio-political surveys.

Our research and strategic planning division offers a range of services to help our clients respond to a fast changing political, social and economic environment.  Always led by senior staff members, our teams of research and strategic planning specialists work with our clients to ensure that we provide solid evidence-based reports that are analytically concise and relevant to the interests of our clients.

Our interventions are aimed at building capacity at all government levels through research knowledge.  They focus on supporting policy makers through research so as to make the decision and the policy directions relevant to the needs of the general population.

As a core component of research and strategic planning services, our analysts produce a range of material for our diverse range of clients. This material is timely, concise and relevant to our clients’ interests.

We also produce tailored research and consulting reports to address specific needs.